Why you need these Essential Oils

We’re all about the mind-body connection at Pure Romance – and our essential oil collection is just the line for that all-over feeling of wellbeing.

True or false: the use of essential oils is a new practice, having popped up just within the past few years.

If you answered “false,” you’re so smart – and you’re so right. Historically, essential oils have been used by various cultures for thousands of years for medical and health reasons; and their popularity has soared recently as people search for all-natural ways to alleviate things like headaches, anxiety, energy, sleep discomfort, and more. Since you did so great on your first quiz question, let’s do another one:

True or false: your most powerful sex organ is your mind.

Of course, you answered “true” – you’re a rock star! Your mind is essential to getting in the mood; so if your mind is running wild, feeling bogged down, or just overwhelmed, that lovin’ feeling just isn’t happening. Because Pure Romance is all about the mind-body connection that’s fundamental to sexuality, desire, a healthy sex life, and positive over-all wellbeing, it just made sense to curate our own collection of essential oils and deliver them to you in a convenient way.

Introducing Essential Oils by Pure Romance: essential oils for total mind-body balance in a ready-to-use rollerball!


Bang, Bang! Libido Essential Oil Blend: Satisfy your craving for erotic bliss with Bang, Bang!, a libido-enhancing essential oil blend that awakens sensual desire. Formulated with essential oils that stir feelings of passion and arousal, this exhilarating rollerball balances seductive ylang ylang and sandalwood with soothing lemon balm and cedar wood to heighten heat between the sheets!


Open Sesame – Clarity Essential Oil Blend: Open Sesame is a soothing clarity blend that includes eucalyptus, tea tree, and lemon essential extracts with cooling peppermint. Apply Open Sesame morning, noon, or night to help you feel refreshed all day long!


Rise & Grind – Confidence Boosting Essential Oil Blend: Take your hustle next level with this make-it-happen rollerball that kick-starts feelings of confidence and motivation with essential extracts. Energizing grapefruit and peppermint are fused with stabilizing vanilla and rosemary to sharpen your focus while counteracting your doubts and worries.


Time To Go, Flo! – Soothing Essential Oil Blend: Keep your cool when Aunt Flo’s in town with this calming essential oil blend designed to soothe and help balance emotions. Clary sage and fennel seed extracts support you during hormonal ups and downs while lavender, chamomile, and carrot seed give you feelings of peace and tranquility. This specialized, need-now blend also has a cooling effect on skin anytime you’re feeling the heat.


Firm Believer: Help improve the appearance of skin’s texture with Firm Believer, a rejuvenating essential oil blend with extracts that help brighten, firm, and hydrate. Carrot seed helps turn back the clock and restore skin elasticity, frankincense calms inflammation, and rosehip seed minimizes imperfections.


Kick Start: Give your body a boost with this revitalizing essential oil blend. These natural, fitness-supporting extracts include ginger, peppermint, and cinnamon. Dilute a couple of drops of Kick Start in 4 ounces of your favorite drink for a boost or add to your favorite diffuser for soothing aromatherapy!


Fractionated Coconut Oil: Complement your favorite essential oil blends with Fractionated Coconut Oil, a versatile, must-have product that’s perfect for moisturizing skin and hair, aromatherapy, and sensual massages. Check out our Inspire article about FCO!

Let’s roll! Shop now to check out this incredible selection and order one, two, or all seven!