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I enjoyed learning about you personally. Your journey to where you are now made me realize how similar I was to you. Even though I do have a great sex life with my husband there is room for improvement and it really helped me to be even more passionate about making sure my daughters and my son understand their bodies and intimacy when they get older. I will definitely be recommending your classes to all of the women I meet who will be getting married and any who are struggling with intimacy in their marriage.


You made me feel so comfortable and I could relate to your personal story so much and your upbringing (regarding sex) reminded me so much of my own. I felt like I could totally connect with you and relate with you on that. I felt more confident in myself when I walked out of the training and I feel so much more confident in my sex life with my husband. Thank you for diving into that part of your life and sharing it with us!


As a sufferer of ‘the good girl’ syndrome for a number of years in my marriage, I was so excited to attend Sarah’s training. Sarah was an amazing teacher. You need to attend one of her trainings! Her personal experience and explanation about giving yourself permission to learn about your own sexuality really resonated with me. I loved the training and love the products she shared too!